Outhwaite Fairies Set 4



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Ida Outhwaite Fairy Set 3. Ida Outhwaite (1888-1960) was born in Carlton, Melbourne. Ida was encouraged by her gifted literary and artistic family and drew prolifically from childhood. She was educated at Presbyterian Ladies College and contributed to magazines in the family home at Ormond College, University of Melbourne. In 1903 she collaborated with her sister Annie, a writer, on six fairy stories titled Mollie's Bunyip. This book delighted the public with its representation of fairies and elves in an Australian setting. Ida went on to produce a number of illustrations of fairies and exhibited with great success in Paris and London.

 This set contains the following Quilt Blocks:

  • OW0004a/Q Bridget and the Kookaburra
  • OW0004b/Q The Witch on her Broomstick
  • OW0004c/Q Flying on a Black Bat
  • OW0004d/Q The Fairy Beauty