Retini Di Fonda (Pulled Thread Work)



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Retini di fondo (Pulled Thread Work) is useful for learning how to handle the fabric: the threads must pass through warp and weft following well-defined patterns. This is why for beginners I suggest simpler work in "squares"; I then proceed to projects in round or oval areas, and later more complicated shapes. The manual includes diagrams and scans of finished projects and detailed explanations of working techniques.

A special section entitled "School of Stitches" illustrates stitches which are not pulled threads, but are needed for the embroidery projects outlined in the book.
Some pulled thread projects are easy, and these are extensively described and illustrated in the book (cushions, lampshades etc). But once you know the techniques you can also progress to "white work", which was particularly popular in the 19th century for extremely elegant embroidering of sheets, curtains and tablecloths.