Stelle E Bordure A Reticello (stars & Borders in Reticello)



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Stelle e bordure a reticello (Stars and Borders in Reticello) once again proposes coloured reticello patterns, on a less complex level than the two previous volumes. Here I provide instructions for embroidering a table runner in red on 15-thread raw linen, in which ten "stars" (squares) alternate with the same number of "borders" (rectangles), finished off with two embroidered triangles at either end. The same patterns are reinterpreted in the second section of the book, using different fabrics and threads.

Many of the projects shown, like the runner, were created by my French students.

The book is not so much about the difficulty of the patterns (which can be used in many embroidery contexts) as the variety of possible combinations, of fabric and colour, so it will be helpful to anyone who wishes to bring their own personal interpretations to reticello embroidery.